Our Leadership

The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs provide a safe place for over 14,000 Chicago youth ages 6 to 18 to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

We help all our youth members graduate high school on time with a plan for the future.

Dear Friends of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

Thanks to your incredible support the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs continue to bring more opportunity and more hope to youth who need us most.

Continued Growth. We’re proud to report our afterschool programs continued to grow in 2017, ending the year with a daily attendance of over 1,900 youth members! You enable us to develop more programs and partnerships that motivate our youth to make a positive impact on their communities. You help us to engage with, inspire and challenge all of our Club youth to graduate from high school with a plan for their future.

New Englewood Clubs Now Open. Thanks to the generous support of our Board of Trustees, individual donors and corporate partners, we opened three new Englewood school-based Clubs in the fall of 2017. Each opening featured enthusiastic school officials, community leaders, parents and most importantly students eager to join our Clubs. The opening of the TEAM Englewood Club located in TEAM Englewood Community Academy High School featured a lively performance from the school’s steel drum corps. These new Boys & Girls Clubs allow us to bring more hope and opportunity to 630 additional youth and teens residing in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

Expanded STEM Programming. We elevated our STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focus through two new high-quality STEM experiences where kids can express themselves as they dive into projects that inspire them to reach their full potential. A partnership with the Sea Research Foundation inspires our youth to care for and protect our oceans and planet through conservation, education and research. Another new partnership with the U.S. Navy, SeaPerch, teaches our youth how to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle while also exploring engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork and technical applications. Our STEM programs empower Club youth to take their individual interests and skills and experience fun hands-on learning that often helps youth aspire to a future they would otherwise never envision.

Building Character and Personal Responsibility. In SMART Girls and Passport to Manhood programs, Club youth and teens are mentored in valuable ways to develop self-esteem and leadership skills. They learn to handle difficult issues at their ages such as bullying (including cyber) and respond to conflict without resorting to violence. Your support brings more dedicated and trained staff to help bring more of our Club members programming and to reach more youth who need it the most.

Thank You Again For Your Support. Every year, your support helps us foster future scientists, teachers and community leaders. Consider playing an active role in the development of our outstanding Club members. Get involved. Tour a Club, join us at Camp or attend an event and help us surround our youth with caring mentors who lead them on a path toward a great future.

Together we can change more lives.


Nancy A. Ross
President of Board of Trustees

Mary Ann Mahon Huels
President & CEO

2017 Officers

Ms. Nancy A. Ross

Mr. Craig A. Labus
1st Vice President

Ms. Cynthia L. Doloughty
2nd Vice President

Mr. Timothy J. Cunningham

Mr. Michael R. Ward
Assistant Treasurer

Mr. John F. Lemker

Ms. Stacy L. Fleming
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Stephen J. Schlegel
General Counsel

Ms. Mary Ann Mahon Huels
President & CEO

2017 Trustees

Mr. Guy F. Arvia
Mr. Ronald P. Bernardi
Mr. Thomas C. Borders
Mr. Charles Brummell
Mr. Carmen D. Caruso
Mr. Jeffrey O. Chen
Mrs. Victoria G. Cheng
Mr. Michael M. Chioros
Mr. F. Michael Covey III
Mr. Timothy J. Cunningham
Mr. Thomas G. DiCianni
Mr. Richard D. Doermer
Ms. Cynthia L. Doloughty
Mr. John L. Donnelly
Mr. Matthew Ryan Farrell
Ms. Stacy L. Fleming
Mr. Richard M. Gatto
Mr. James J. Gatziolis
Mr. Stephen H. Goulding
Mr. Terry R. Hendrickson
Mr. Patrick J. Herbert
Ms. Marsha Hoover
Mr. Matthew J. Iverson
Mr. Loren D. Jahn
Ms. Margaret Jahn
Mr. Andrew B. Jones
Mr. Robert M. Karton
Mr. Steve Kass
Mr. Michael W. Kiss
Mr. Michael J. Koenigsknecht
Mr. Neal Kottke
Mr. Craig A. Labus
Mr. John F. Lemker
Mr. Zach C. Leonard

Mr. Cosmin Lucaci
Mr. Andrew Jon MacRae
Mr. Jerry Manne
Ms. Kathleen Elizabeth Manning
Mr. George G. Maragos
Mr. Guy N. Maras
Ms. Martha Jahn Martin
Mr. James P. Meyer
Mr. Richard E. Moore
Mr. Frank R. Niederman
Mr. Kenneth E. Nordine
Mr. Jeffrey L. Olin
Mr. Thomas E. Payne
Mr. Kerry R. Peck
Mr. James B. Planey
Mr. Timo Rehbock
Mrs. Lynne Thomsen Rinkoski
Ms. Nancy A. Ross
Mr. Jeffrey A. Sacks
Mr. Stephen J. Schlegel
Mr. David M. Shade
Ms. Lisa Shade
Mr. Paul W. Shade
Mr. Matthew J Sheahin
Mr. Jonathan F. Siedlecki
Ms. Lauren E. Snyder
Dr. Jean-Paul Spire MD
Mr. Kenneth Paul Such
Mr. Michael L. Sullivan
Mr. Michael P. Sullivan Jr.
Mr. William E. Tienken
Ms. Amy O’Brien Waldren
Mr. Fred K. Walz
Mr. Michael Richard Ward

Life Trustees

Mr. Edward Bernardi
Mr. John W. C. Carlson
Mr. Frederick C. Ford
Ms. Laura J. Hagen
Mr. Clinton B. Henderson
Mr. George G. Hunt
Mr. Howard H. Hush Jr.
Mr. Brian M. Jack
Mr. John L. Kirkland
Mr. Gregory G. Laka
Mr. William J. McGrath
Mr. Robert W. Patterson
Mr. Guenther M. Philipp
Mr. Harry G. Robertson
Mr. John E. Scully Jr.
Mr. William C. Vonder Heide
Mr. David B. Whitehurst